Weekly Call Script- March 13 to March 17

Post date: Mar 13, 2017 4:29:08 PM

Sunday Call Script

Good Evening Heaton Families.

This is Jayme Cardinal-Principal at Heaton. I am calling with announcements for the week March 13 through March 17th.

    1. Our overall average for attendance for this past week was 91.1% Our 6th grade averaged 90.5% for the week, 7th grade was at 91.9%, while the 8th grade was at 90.9%.

    2. Our Kindness Campaign continues this week. Thank you to our students for their work each day to be kind to one another. The Kindness Campaign Calendar is posted on our Webpage and on Facebook! Our whole goal with the Kindness Campaign is to remind students that it is not OK to speak to each with mean words. Unfortunately, we still have students who thing this is OK. As a school we are implementing the NO Bully program and our work will continue to educate students about the things they say and the lasting impact they can have on someone else.

    3. We are clearing for boys and girls track this week. Clearing is done in the school office with Ms. Vickie. If you have any questions about track, please contact Mr. Crowell, our AD. 549-7427.

    4. The 3rd Quarter District Interims for Math and ELA will be this week. The results from these tests help our teachers create, deliver and adjust their instruction. Our expectation is that students do their very best on these tests. 6th grade will test on Tuesday, 7th grade on Wednesday and 8th grade on Thursday.

    5. 8th grade parents: The High School counselors will be at Heaton all day on Wednesday to schedule students for their Freshman classes. All the 8th graders were given a letter containing their suggested level of class for their freshman year as suggested by their 8th grade teachers. If you have any questions about the classes they are going to sign up for, please contact Mrs. Roybal, the 8th grade counselor.

    6. Friday is our Annual Teachers vs. the 8th grade basketball players. Tickets will go on sale on Wednesday. They are $2. If students buy a ticket for the game, they can also wear Jeans this Friday as part of the package. We sell a limited number of tickets so first come/first serve.

    7. Friday is also St. Patrick’s Day. Student Council is sponsoring an activity. Students can wear plain green shirts or St. Patrick’s day shirts that follow dress code and are appropriate.

    8. Next week, March 20th through March 24th is Spring Break. I would like to wish families a relaxing and safe vacation. School resumes on March 27th. The week of March 27th is the final week of the 3rd Quarter.

    9. If you have any questions about any of these announcements, please feel free to contact the school.

Thank you