Weekly Announcements Call Script- August 21 to 25

Post date: Aug 20, 2017 9:50:33 PM

Good Evening Heaton Families,

This is Jayme Cardinal, Principal at Heaton calling with announcements for the week of August 21 through August 25th

    1. Student schedules went live on Infinite Campus on Friday as we noted in our newsletter. We will provide one copy of the student’s schedules on their first day of school. If you are unable to access IC, students will be greeted on Tuesday and Wednesday with help to find their first hour classes. While we know this is anxious time for 6th grade students especially, please know we will help students when they arrive. Our Student Council Members and School Ambassadors will also be on hand to help.

    2. 6th grade students ONLY will report to school on Tuesday , August 22 for the 6th grade Transition Day. This will be a regular school day for 6th graders and busses will run. No 7th or 8th grade should be at school this day. ALL students will then report to school on Wednesday, August 23. Please note that we let students into the building at 7:40AM. Students are expected to be in the correct uniform from day one. On Wednesday, students are expected to be in their dress for success uniforms. As a reminder, khaki colored pants, cargo or berumda shorts are the only pants allowed. Dress shirts can be white or black. Dress code includes natural hair color only and clear-plugged facial piercings. We will send out full dress code expectations following this announcement on Remind, our APP and on our web page.

    3. Keeping distraction to the learning environment at a minimum is one of our goals. Fidget spinner or cubes will not be allowed. Please have your child keep those items or other items at home. Thank you in advance for your help.

    4. If you need assistance with uniforms, please contact Jean Daniel, our community advocates. She will be available to help families. Please call the office to set an appointment. 549-7422.

    5. Students will need to purchase a planner and a tie for the school year. Ties are currently available and are $6. Planners are $5 but have not arrived yet, but we anticipate them on Monday. Because of the shipping delay, we will sell planners this week as students return to school. We will do that during first hour. All students need a planner.