weekly Announcements- Call Script April 24 to 28

Post date: Apr 26, 2017 4:06:47 AM

Sunday Call Script

Good Evening Heaton Families.

This is Jayme Cardinal-Principal at Heaton. I am calling with announcements for the week April 24 through April 28

    1. Our overall average for attendance this past week saw a serious decline at 87.9%. Our 6th grade averaged 87.3% for the week, 7th grade was at 91.3%, while the 8th grade was at 84.6%. On average 42 students were absent from school each day. Historically, Mondays are the lowest attended dates. If you are having troubles with getting your child to come to school, please contact us.

    2. Heaton is an AVID School and part of philosophy around AVID is to help student create an organization system to help with their class and homework. Students are required to have a binder that holds their interactive notebooks and needed supplies. Last week we worked with students to make sure this happens. Thank you for sending your child to school with the needed materials.

    3. This is our last week of PARCC and CMAS makeups. Students have done a very nice job with their effort and use of time on the tests. Students were rewarded last Friday who met the Trifecta Reward.

    4. As of late we have seen an influx of toy items being brought to school which are called “fidget toys.” These are not allowed. If a student requires a fidget devise, they must have an IEP, 504 or RTI plan that indicates they need to have one. These items will be confiscated as they are a distraction to the learning environment. If you have questions about this, please contact me.

    5. Good luck to our Soccer and Track Teams this week. Heaton four soccer’s teams play on Saturday and our Track team will compete on Monday.

    6. 8th Grade Parents: The 8th grade Continuum will be on Monday, June 5th. The continuum portion of the event will be held at East High in their auditorium beginning at 5:30PM. The students will then need to return to Heaton for a dinner and dance. We chose to hold the continuum at East to accommodate families and seating. Unfortunately, Heaton cannot hold the large number of guest who attend the continuum event. In years past, families were left to stand in the hallway unable to see their child. We want to accommodate as many people as possible.

    7. If you have any questions about any of these announcements, please feel free to contact the school.

Thank you