Announcements for the week of September 26-30

Post date: Sep 25, 2016 11:48:15 PM

​First, this week is Mid-terms. We will be posting grades this week and students will receive their mid term report card on Friday. Please ask your child to see their mid term. If you have any questions about your child's grades, please feel free to contact the teachers or school office.

Next, we are asking for help. As part of our safety protocols, all parents must enter the building through the main doors which face Adair unless you have made other arrangements with us. This includes when school ends. Please buzz in and please bring your ID when coming to pick your child. If you asking a family member or friend to pick your child, they must be listed in IC under your child's name. Please update your child's information card with people who are allowed to have access to your child. Again, these are safety protocols to keep yours and other children safe.

Third. Do you or anyone you know have a musical instrument that you are not using and would like to donate to Heaton. We are especially in need of clarinets or flutes. We are also happy to do repairs if they are not in good working order. Please let either Mrs. Garcia, our band teacher or me know if you can help us with this need for our students.

Good luck to all our sports team this week. It is a very busy week. The fall season is in it's latter weeks of the season. If you have not downloaded our app, which provides access to our google calendar where we list all our sports or academic activities please do. It can be found by searching Heaton Middle School in the iTunes or Google Play stores.