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Heaton Athletics Calendar

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Heaton Middle School offers the following sports:

Fall Sports

Girls' Softball-Varsity

Girls' Softball-JV

Girls' Volleyball-Varsity

Girls' Volleyball-JV

Cross Country

Football (PPAL)

Soccer (Rangers)

Winter Sports

Boys' Basketball

Girl's Basketball


Spring Sports

Boys' Track and Field

Girls' Track and Field

Participation Forms

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All 3 forms are required to participate.

In addition to the packet, there is also an emergency card in the office that needs to be filled out in order to clear for sports.

Physician Form, Student Agreement, Parent Agreement Packet

See eligibility requirements below.

Parent expectation handout

Sports Eligibility

Attention Parents:

The eligibility process for sports and extracurricular activities is as follows:

  1. All students participating in sports or extracurricular activities are required to maintain a passing grade in all classes

  2. Eligibility is checked by the Assistant Principal every week Monday morning (around 9 am). Any student that has an F will be pulled for ineligibility.

    • 1st week of ineligibility the student is placed on probation. They are still allowed to practice and play, however they have one week to raise their grade. The student receives a letter that details which class the student needs to work on and has a signature line for both the student and the parent.

    • 2nd week of ineligibility the student will not be able to participate in that weeks contest until all grades are passing.

  3. The coach is given a copy of the ineligibility list for that particular sport/activity that details which students are on probation and which are not able to participate.